Kiwanis Club of Tampa

Guidelines for Foundation Grants 2019-2020

Program areas and priorities: The Tampa Kiwanis Foundation has established these primary focus areas for funding through its Foundation Grant Program: Young Children/Families in Distress/Community Service.

Geographic focus:  Grants focus on organizations in Hillsborough County that support children and the elderly.

Grant limitations: Grants are not made to the following types of organizations or activities:

  • Organizations that are not designated tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue Service
  • Direct grants to individuals or families
  • Political candidates or organizations
  • Religious organizations
  • Organizations with a limited constituency, such as fraternal or social groups
  • Athletic organizations
  • Operating funds for organizations

    Guidelines for submitting proposals: There is no deadline for submitting proposals, which are reviewed on a monthly basis.
                                                                                 Please allow four to six weeks for a response.

    The following information must be included in your proposal: 
     Official name of your organization
     Complete mailing address
     Phone number 
     Email address
      Brief general description of your organization’s purpose and major activities
     Purpose of your request. Include target and projection of number of people to be served. Amount of funds being requested and the total project budget (We will not grant funding requests for operating expenses).
     Dates and amounts of any previous grants from the Tampa Kiwanis Foundation

    Also, please include the following items with your proposal:

     Current Operating Budget
     List of current board of directors
     List of current corporate contributors
     IRS letter of tax-exempt certification
     Letter of support from a current member of the Kiwanis Club of Tampa
     Describe if there is potential for the Kiwanis Club providing ‘hands on’ assistance with this project
     Describe how the Kiwanis Club of Tampa will be recognized for providing a grant
     Identify the measurement of success for your project. (NOTE: Successful grantees are required to provide a 6-month report to document that the grant is being used AND a 12-month report of progress in meeting the measurement of success. Grant recipients will be given directions for this reporting).

    Prior approval of grant requests does not guarantee continued funding or approval of subsequent requests.

    Proposals should be sent to:

    Mr. Dave Rogoff, President  ~

    Tampa Kiwanis Foundation ~

    4523 W. Kennedy Blvd #185, FL 33609

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