Kiwanis Club of Tampa

Sponsored Youth Programs

    Kiwanis Service Leadership Programs are leadership and character-building programs sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Tampa and hosted in a school or community. Our Leadership Programs inspire students to lead lives of service and significance through programs for all ages.

    Service Leadership is the powerful force that occurs once a person discovers their heart to serve, answers their call to lead, and summons their courage to engage. 

    Our Service Leadership Programs are designed to inspire elementary, middle school, high school, and college students, as well as adults who live with disabilities, to become engaged members of their communities who work to solve problems and help others through service.  

    We support our Kiwanis family of youth programs and organizations, including Circle K at the college level, Key Club for high school students, and Builders Club for middle schoolers. Student members perform their own community service projects while our Kiwanis members serve as

    At the elementary school level, we encourage good grades and citizenship with our Terrific Kids programs, which serves children at five middle schools and three elementary schools in the community.

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